The Stepping Stones to Creating Your Path by Dr. Nick

Creating Your Path offers dentists the plan and pathway to owning the practices they have always aspired to have. CYP helps each dentist we work with make their dream practice a reality through our A to Z process for building, opening and operating thriving dental practices. We accomplish this by taking an individualized, tailored approach to each office we help to create, finding the right type of practice model to suit each of our dentists’ unique ideals and visions. Merging that with our bulletproof formula for attaining and owning a robust and lucrative dental practice, we set our dentists up to achieve the ultimate possible personal and professional success.


As a Creating Your Path client, you will be carefully guided through all of the processes involved in becoming a thriving dental practice owner. With Dr. Nick and his team mentoring you every step of the way, you are ensured a fiscally responsible acquisition, a successful practice opening and a profitable first-year. You can think of it as having your own team of dental practice ownership experts on retainer for continual coaching in the areas of care consultation and in both internal and external operations.

Location Scouting

The first step in building the office of your dreams is finding the perfect location. Employing his vast knowledge of today’s real estate market along with a multitude of property scouting resources and intensive demographic research, Dr. Nick and team find the ideal location to accommodate the practice you envision.


The next step in creating your practice is in building your physical office. Calling upon industry experts in dental practice design, renovation, restoration, and fabrication, Dr. Nick personally manages the construction of your office down to every detail, acting as project consultant and building contractor.

Office Outfitting

The final step in creating your ready-to-go, fully functional turnkey dental office is to furnish you with an entirely finished product. Allowing you to begin seeing patients as soon as you acquire your practice, Dr. Nick and team leave no stone unturned and no necessity forgotten. All operatories come completely outfitted (including all dental tools and supplies), all equipment purchasing and installation has already been completed, and all front office furnishings, supplies and technologies have already been installed (down to the pens and staplers.)


Pre- and Post-grand opening, your new practice will benefit from the publicity and buzz generated from a custom-tailored dental office opening marketing campaign designed by the very best in this specialized industry. From the creation of your website to SEO for enhanced community awareness to digital media ads to direct mail campaigns to community-sponsored events to social media directives to storefront promotions and more, Dr. Nick and his highly skilled marketing team will do what it takes to attain new patients quickly.


A great team is worth its weight in gold and is integral to a practice’s overall success. With an extensive background in dental field recruitment and training, CYP will help advertise for and screen potential employees, even assisting with the interview process. We also offer services which assist in team training and scripting training manuals for future employees.

Specialized Coaching

Creating Your Path also offers coaching in a vast arena of specialties to meet your specific needs such as dental software selection and training, advanced case consultation, patient-customer service, treatment planning and compliance, and by request.