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From Ground-Breakings to Grand Openings and Beyond.

What We Do

Creating Your Path offers dentists the plan and pathway to owning the practices they have always aspired to have. Creating Your Path helps each dentist we work with make their dream practice a reality through our A to Z process for building, opening and operating thriving dental practices. We accomplish this by taking an individualized, tailored approach to each office we help to create, finding the right type of practice model to suit each of our dentists’ unique ideals and visions. Merging that with our bulletproof formula for attaining and owning a robust and lucrative dental practice, we set our dentists up to achieve the ultimate possible personal and professional success.

Our Process

Location Scouting
Office Outfitting
Financial Coaching
Specialized Coaching


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Build Your Dental Practice,
Realize Your Dreams

Creating Your Path will help you to become a prosperous and fulfilled business owner through a program which furnishes you with a new or fully renovated, completely outfitted turnkey dental office. The first-stage services we manage include location scouting, office design, building and fabrication, total practice outfitting, property acquisition, financial coaching, and business-ownership mentoring. From there our program continues, offering preparatory components for your grand opening to ensure a gainful and rewarding first year in business. Working as a cohesive, interactive and streamlined unit of services, Creating Your Path provides you with extended one-on-one mentoring, case & internal operations consultation, a full-service marketing campaign, hiring assistance, employee coaching & training, and new patient recruitment services.

At Creating Your Path, expertise in the worlds of dentistry along with that of construction, marketing, recruiting and business ownership meet with a passion for empowering dentists to become fulfilled in their profession.

You can be a profitable business-owner. You can be a talented, respected and beloved dentist within your community. You can feel less stress, more reward and attain multi-faceted success. You can absolutely live your dream but, first, you must start by creating YOUR path.

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